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Lahori Ink Eid Collection 2017

This Eid Lahori Ink is going to spread the magical spell all around for their lovers. They bring in a magical collection from the mysterious land of Kohkaf, an ode…

What to wear – How to rule the Red Car

When it's jam packed, Fashion shows, award shows, and blah, blah, blah, You don't have enough time to Think and Rethink about your dress for those 'Big Days'. Every star…

What to wear: To dress up like a classy

Go for some razor-sharp, simple, understated outfits and you’ll stand out in a good way instead. Let us tell you some essential ways to dress up like a classy man.…

Dasht, Lahori Ink SS-17 Ready to Wear C

There are a few names in Pakistani fashion and retail industry who does justice to their tradition and cultural values. To Follow Fashion or being glamorous doesn't mean to get…

5 Sapphire RTW Kurta you do not want to

Sapphire has opened its outlet in Faisalabad a few weeks before. This is a big news for RTW lovers in Faisalabad as in such a busy routine, it looks a…

BlogORama, the blogging drama

All about browse worthy Pakistani Fashion Blogs and Blogging tips.

How to Deal with PR Agencies to Get Off

Is blogging a passion or your profession? It sounds sweet to know that people would love to read your blog or listen to what you are saying or even following…

Don’t be afraid, take a break from blo

Hello once again, I am back into the business after the long summer holidays. I definitely took a break from my blogging routine. I always spend kid's summer holidays without…

5 Secrets to become a successful fashion

If you really want to become an active and successful fashion blogger then you may want to know what's the best effort to put in the right direction. The word…


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People & Lifestyle

The city’s best indoor food spot with ample space and live kitchen Last Sunday night, when I was doing nothing, I was eating at Mr. WINGGZ. Not only the calmness, neatness, and sound but the food is also a highlight at Mr. WINGGZ. We saw here and there in search of a new and better food spot and decided to try this one that we had never before.
This question is in my mind just because for the past few years Ramadan falls in the blazing heat of Summer that is totally unbearable and the fasting period is also longer than usual. So it is important to keep in mind what to eat during summer Ramadan as we get dehydrated and oily fried food adds more to the thirst.
A few months before I experienced eating at "Sariya's Sip n Bite" located in a commercial area in Faisalabad, "Kohinoor City" which seems flooded all the time with foodies and shoppers. A crowded place that becomes the hottest place of the town, owning lots of retail shopping malls and food spots.

Beauty Guide

I recently object my daughter on shampooing her hair everyday. She had a question. Why shouldn't I wash my hairs everyday. The answer was, because you hair will dry out and you got rough hair in the end. But this will not be the answer to everyone. Every single person has different hair type and different scalp problems.
Thanks to liquid lipstick maestros like "Kylie" for they stay longer on your lips. It's everywhere from drugstore to cosmetic stores and online. These are the most searched item by women these days. We also have one in red (valentine special) by Stageline professionals. Not only is this but the X-volume mascara too in their super smart valentine gift package. A Surprise, though.
Whenever we heard the word "Vitamin C", oranges, lemon, and the orange powdered pill came to our minds instantly. And remembered the time when we were sick and our moms used to give us the glass of orange juice or herbal lemon teas to fight against diseases, especially flu. Mostly people used to take vitamin C in any form just to cure diseases. But my perception about Vitamin C changes a bit in the past few years. It helps fade marks on my skin. In addition to the fact that Vitamin C helps in skin brightening and to fight against diseases. It also proved to be an effective anti-aging nutrient. A powerful skin rejuvenating element that visibly improves your wrinkles. What else can it do? Let's see Repair damage caused by skin burn, due to more exposure to sun rays. Helps in collagen production, as it stimulates the process. Fights…

Fashion Trends

Fall is almost here and its time to switch your wardrobe. What to wear, fall trends, hottest hues, fabric, and brands, hence there are so many things to talk about. Let’s discuss them one by one.
Go short with your hair, almost shoulder cuts or pixie ones, that’s the way we love our hair in the hot scorching heat of summer. Another reason is, super short hair, pixie cuts, wavy bobs, chopped bobs or A-line bobs everything is on trend for summer 2017.

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