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Logical reasons to cut your hair short

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Experimenting with your hair is the best way for you to instantly revamp your look. Figuring out the best hair style for yourself is one cumbersome task and building the courage to chop off your long luscious hair is even harder.

Most people are extremely skeptical when it comes to opting for short hair. We often notice women with short hair admire how it frames their faces and how confident they seem. Sure, it looks ultra-chic on all those who dare, but when it comes to our own, we don’t even think twice before scoffing, “not for us!”


It’s just easier to play it safe with long hair, but ladies, a drastic change is always fun and all you need for a fresh start. It’s time you let go off the irrational fear of short hair, here are a few reasons why.


Short Hairs


Confidence tops the list of reasons you need to cut your hair short. It's easy to use your hair as a blanket to hide behind – if it's not there, you'll have no choice but to be bold. There is so much value placed on hair. It's easy to feel confident with a head full of flowing hair because that is the image we are usually shown as beautiful; feeling beautiful without long and luscious locks will mean you getting your confidence from a deeper internal place.


Secondly, everyone needs to understand that having short hair does not make you any less feminine. The way you see yourself is how others will see you. There are these conventions and most of these conventions are actually made by men and then further perpetuated by women who like to listen to these men. Which is, in our opinion, the fundamental flaw.


Short Hairs


Another misconception is that short hair is limiting when it comes to styling. We take our hair a little too seriously. It's at best an accessory and an accessory can never be the whole focus. It should always be about you and you should carry your entire look well. Even if you had long hair, what’s the most you’d do? Blow dry it, straighten it or leave it the way it is?


A very common phrase we hear when turning down the idea of short hair is, "I have a wedding coming up." This is one bad excuse. You can totally wear heavy ethnic jewelry, including a teeka or maatha patti, with short hair and look super-chic. The fundamental thing here is that we are a society of conformists. Just because other people don't wear a teeka with short hair doesn't mean you shouldn't either.


Short Hairs


The best thing about short hair is that all you have to do is wash and go, ladies! Now, has the complete collection of Sunsilk products online, so your hair maintenance supplies are literally a click away. It will be unbelievable how fast and easy getting ready will be in the mornings. Shampoo, condition, apply a little makeup and voila!


Fact of the matter is, it’s just your hair, it will eventually grow. The cool thing will be that when you decide to grow it back, you will get to experience several lengths and enjoy different looks along the way natural lengths and can have fun along the way with each.

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Saman Javed was working as a Life and Style journalist at The Express Tribune and before that, she also worked for SHE Magazine.

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