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Vitamin C – Fight aging, and helps in skin brightening

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Vitamin C Benefits 

Whenever we heard the word "Vitamin C", oranges, lemon, and the orange powdered pill came to our minds instantly. And remembered the time when we were sick and our moms used to give us the glass of orange juice or herbal lemon teas to fight against diseases, especially flu. Mostly people used to take vitamin C in any form just to cure diseases. But my perception about Vitamin C changes a bit in the past few years. It helps fade marks on my skin.  


In addition to the fact that Vitamin C helps in skin brightening and to fight against diseases. It also proved to be an effective anti-aging nutrient. A powerful skin rejuvenating element that visibly improves your wrinkles. What else can it do? Let's see  


  • Repair damage caused by skin burn, due to more exposure to sun rays. 
  • Helps in collagen production, as it stimulates the process.  
  • Fights off anti-aging and skin dullness.  
  • Brighten skin color and control skin pigmentation.  


There are some fun facts about Vitamin C: 


It's Not the Double Trouble: Taking vitamin C in the form of orange juices, lemon drinks, grape drinks, and strawberry smoothies is not enough. Just taking it organically, take vitamin C in the form of a pill daily. This doubling of that magic ingredient will boost your immune system and double the benefits. Even I recommend applying vitamin C on your skin directly as it is more effective.  


It's not the newly born baby: Applying Vitamin C on your skin directly is not something new. It's been used ages before as a beauty staple. In old ages, women get used to crushed dried orange peels and mixed it with milk to form Cream. They used it on their faces to enhance their beauty and to preserve their youthful glow.  


Elasticity Booster: Because Vitamin C is an effective elasticity booster, the collagen will look out for your hair and nails too. It strengthens your hairs and nails and also helps in hair growth. So applying a little Vitamin C mask on your scalp also helps in strong healthy hairs.  


We are going to dig into some Vitamin C beauty products and if your guys know some do tell us in comments below.  


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