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Fall fashion trends 2017

Fall is almost here and its time to switch your wardrobe. What to wear, fall trends, hottest hues, fabric, and brands, hence there are so many things to talk about. Let’s discuss them one by one.

This Eid Lahori Ink is going to spread the magical spell all around for their lovers. They bring in a magical collection from the mysterious land of Kohkaf, an ode to the unseen, and unknown. The collection is solely meant for young, confident ladies who want to stand out in the crowd and for those who simply raises that WOW factor with their looks. 

Fashion Fads Regret

Anyone with just a little bit of interest in fashion can understand that these fashion trends come and go in moments. The fashion fads or whatever the trends, they repeat themselves year after year with little interpretation and a hint of modernity. Whether you say it a sartorial taste, human nature or homage to classics, they continue to regrow under your feet. Or sarcastically, they are the ghostly shadows – they do not leave you alone ever and ever.

Solid colored kurta

Whether it's about Latest Pakistani Fashion or fashion anywhere around the globe, in summer flower power doesn’t seem to be dull or down at any time. It’s a must-have summer staple but your wardrobe can breathe if you do own solids too as your "No time to think" buddy. It's just like "when in doubt wear red" thing.  

What to wear to red carpets

When it's jam packed, Fashion shows, award shows, and blah, blah, blah, You don't have enough time to Think and Rethink about your dress for those 'Big Days'. Every star wants to be on the A-list. Every celebrity wants to rule the red carpet. That's a fact.  

Dress up like classy men

Go for some razor-sharp, simple, understated outfits and you’ll stand out in a good way instead. Let us tell you some essential ways to dress up like a classy man. Here's What to wear ideas along with How to wore it well. 

Dasht, Lahori Ink SS17 collection

There are a few names in Pakistani fashion and retail industry who does justice to their tradition and cultural values. To Follow Fashion or being glamorous doesn't mean to get rid of your traditional attires and values. Among those few brands "Lahori Ink" is one of the young retail brands who explored Pakistani culture and expresses it through their clothes.  

sapphire rtw kurta 2017

Sapphire has opened its outlet in Faisalabad a few weeks before. This is a big news for RTW lovers in Faisalabad as in such a busy routine, it looks a bit tough to go to tailors for custom made and trendy outfit. When it's about retail therapy with a hint of modishness Sapphire is the ultimate choice.  

Florals head to toe

"I'm gonna wear florals head to toe", is this innovative?  

Every other person who once watched "The devil wears Prada", would literally fall in love with florals.  That one shady line by Meryl Streep inspired me most. 

"Florals? for spring? The groundbreaking"

If you haven't watched it yet, oh! no problem, go watch it dearly.  

What to wear Stripes

We are all ready to welcome summer and when it's about summer, definitely we will talk a lot about stripes this season. Stripes either monochrome or vibrant ones, don't call them minimalistic. Just switch up your wardrobe with stripes. And in our what to wear section we have a stripe discussion.

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