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With 221,000 nose reshaping operations performed last year, rhinoplasty was one of the most requested cosmetic surgery operations. Some of these surgeries were performed to repair the nose after an accident or to correct a medical condition, such as polyps or a deviated septum. However, most nose reshaping operations are done for cosmetics reasons.
Yes, you got that right, this season is all about pink lips, pink lips and pink lips! Pucker up girls and get ready to look pretty in pink. All A-listers have been proudly flaunting their rosy pouts – what are you waiting for? Brighten up with these totally on-trend lippies that have just landed for the season ahead.
Spring is just around the corner and it is all about bright, bold, sunny funny lips. Every Pakistani girl needs an esteemed lip color to be part of her cosmetic box without thinking much about her skin tone. Fairer women mostly go with darker brighter shades while women with tan skin choose neutral or medium tones.
Have you ever observed a lady at a party or on the road saying to your buddy, "What excellent skin you have!?" That is our motivation for this fall: to help you get excellent, glowing skin. We discover natural skin care, elegance, health and fitness, medication, feelings and lifestyle -- everything that means to your skin.
The beauty trends that emerges from runways each season, never fail to impress fashionistas. But some of the trends get highlighted by fashion fanatics that become trends for the season.…
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