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Don’t be afraid, take a break from blogging

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Take a break from blogging

Hello once again, I am back into the business after the long summer holidays. I definitely took a break from my blogging routine. I always spend kid's summer holidays without blogging any bit. Have you ever heard one of these words from your family or friends, “take a break”.

Actually, it sounds cool as there’s a chance to get enough time for your family and yourself. If you are a blogger or a workaholic, how often do you take those breaks. Do you ever need some free time just for yourself. I hope everyone need some, but everyone is afraid of losing the audience or the reputation. Not only is this, you will also be afraid of missing your relationship with fellow bloggers and readers. But seriously, don’t be afraid, I will tell you the benefits of these breaks.


1: Get enough time to concentrate

After taking the break, you get a lot of free time to concentrate on your blogging schedule, new ideas, and cleaning up your blog. Even you can redesign your blog in that free time.

2: Rejuvenate your energy

You will get a lot of free time to boost your energy. If you are a workaholic, you would definitely need to relax from your stressed out routine. It removes the stress from your life.

3: Be more productive

Most of the people who take a break from their stressed out routine will work more productively after those relaxing breaks. They generate more new ideas and get back to work with full energy. That’s the major reason why you need that much desired break from your daily routine. But that’s not everything.

Take a break

The next thing is how not to loose your readers. How to stay connected while taking that break. Let me tell a few things.

1: Develop trust with your readers

Although you are not going to post or write anything, but still get in touch with them time by time via social media, telling them how you are doing these days. What’s your routine and that you will keep them up to date with the latest news.

2: Schedule things and get your hands on helping tools

On weekends schedule some fun posts for the whole week. Work on tools like hootesuite to schedule your tweets. This is a better way to keep in touch with your readers while on break.

3: Allow guest posts

Allowing your friends to post or accepting guest posts is another authentic way to keep your blog live.

4: Republish old content

It’s time to Republish your old content, freshen them up once again for your readers and keep your blog alive. This will not take enough of your time and do the job fabulously.

5: Note it down

If you have some idea to share or anything new, just note it down for reference. Don’t bother to publish it. If you have ideas and points, you have lots of posts to do after that break.

So, I hope this post will help you and give you that courage you will require to take that much needed break from your blogging routine. If you have any ideas, do share with me and your fellow bloggers. Sharing is caring.

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