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How to Deal with PR Agencies to Get Off the Ground

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 How to deal PR

Is blogging a passion or your profession?  It sounds sweet to know that people would love to read your blog or listen to what you are saying or even following you on your social profiles. It simply means you have a firm grip on your work and that you are successful in what you are doing, and there comes the time when you ultimately became a successful professional blogger.  

Actually, a blog is a way to showcase your style, thoughts, knowledge, skills, expertise, and blah blah. It completely showcases your inner and outer self. The only thing now you need to know is where are you standing (means your position in the blogging industry) and how to stand out of the crowd? And remember one more thing, that what PR agencies and brands desire from bloggers? Yes, Engagement. So, do concentrate on your blog readership engagement as well as on your social profiles.  


There is a crowd out there, blogging, sharing, breaking the news, and promoting brands for free. But many of them don't know, what are they doing exactly. Look if you are working on other's stuff, what benefit are you getting. Nothing! So why are you doing this? Yes, just in exchange for some giveaways, event invites and even for nothing at all. That's what not good for you. If you are spending your precious time in helping and growing someone else's business for free, that's not fair. Not fair to yourself. So, what's the right way to hit the ground and get off the ground?  

Just learn these three basic rules or whatever you said blogging tips.  


1: Say Hello to PR Gurus 

It doesn't mean what the text says. This is the fun part.  It simply means warm welcome them, if they reach out to you. Listen what they have said and then put yourself in front of them and tell them your worth. Let them know that your blog and social profiles are best fits for their brands. In addition, reach out to PR agencies by yourself. Make a list of them and contact them without any hesitation. 


2: Get Paid for your Services 

Don't work for free. If PR agencies regularly send you some promotional material, it doesn't mean to put everything on your blog and profiles. Ask them for payment. It is your right to ask because PR agencies are not working for free, they are charging brands for the work they are doing. So, why not you? Negotiate on a long-term relationship and whatever best fits your blogging business.  


3: Don't compromise 

Last but not the least, don't compromise on anything coming from PR agencies. It's not good that if you are getting paid, you have to put everything up on your blog leaving ethics behind. Seriously, a big no. If something looks unethical, say no to publish. Do not compromise on your content, not because it's unethical but this ultimately affect your readership, that no one wants to. In addition, if you think something is extraordinary for your readers, don't hesitate to share, no matter unpaid.   


Blogging requires some serious thoughts, planning, hard work, and consistency. But with these basic rule, you'll be one step ahead of the blogging games. Stay tuned for more and more.  

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