How to deal PR

Is blogging a passion or your profession?  It sounds sweet to know that people would love to read your blog or listen to what you are saying or even following you on your social profiles. It simply means you have a firm grip on your work and that you are successful in what you are doing, and there comes the time when you ultimately became a successful professional blogger.  

If you really want to become an active and successful fashion blogger then you may want to know what's the best effort to put in the right direction. The word "Fashion" sounds cool, yet a crowded world, with all its glitz and glamour, still competitive. But there's always another door that becomes the easy pass for you.

Blogging Passion or Profession

To some, blogging is a profession but to many others it’s a passion. The passion for writing, sharing and connecting different people, without thinking about the benefits. To some it’s a waste of time and to some it’s how awesome you spent your precious time. No mater it’s a passion or a profession;

Amir Adnan Bloggers Style

Amir Adnan, known for his signature cuts and regal menswear hosted a Blogger’s Style-Storm day out at his austerely elegant flagship store at Dolmen City Mall, 2nd floor. Before letting my readers to know more about that enthusiastic day, I want to share some thoughts with you.