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BRANDS Just Pret

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‘They came, they saw, they conquered.’

Envisioned by Hadi Anwar, BRANDS Just Pret is a name with a story. In 2011, Hadi was joined in by Somaya Adnan & Hasaah Hadi in the quest to create a multi designer fashion-house with a fresh new dimension to the concept of multi brand stores. Day in and day out, the trio endeavored with all their hearts to create a platform for housing an array of high-end designer wear and accessories produced by budding new designers.

Driven by an aspiration to outshine the rest by providing a pristine consumer shopping experience, BRANDS Just Pret began their journey in 2011 by opening their flagship store at Dolmen Mall Clifton in Karachi, Pakistan. With an uncompromising spirit to set international standards of retail management and offering a diverse assortment of contemporary fashion products appealing to all tastes, BRANDS Just Pret soon made their dazzling presence felt as one of the top multi brand fashion names of Pakistan. With success showering in from all directions, BRANDS Just Pret extended themselves first to Dolmen Mall Tariq Road Karachi in 2012, and internationally to Dubai’s Ibne Battuta Mall within the same year. Today, BRANDS Just Pret proudly boasts107 designers at four state-of-the-art outlets, with a new store recently launched at the World Trade Center Mall, Abu Dhabi. The brand also most recently made its debut in Lahore by holding an exhibition in January 2013.

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With regular presence in fashion events, while at the same time building clientele across their extended network of four thriving outlets, BRANDS Just Pret have been managing operations with rock solid focus and control.

BJP Team

The team is positioned in Pakistan and the U.A.E, and primarily includes Hadi Anwar as CEO and Somaya Adnan & Hasaah Hadi as Managing Directors Asia & Middle East Operations respectively. Being a fashion designer herself, Somaya provides the brand with constant access to important insight and guidance into the fashion industry.


From stocking for designers to providing state of the art retail services, managing exhibitions and arranging fashion showcases, BRANDS Just Pret provide the most extensive services under one roof. Furthermore, they enable their designers to best promote their brands by developing their brand profiles, corporate identities and photo shoots.




BJP Activities

BRANDS Just Pret has been actively involved in organizing showcase events for their stocked designers, as well as partaking in fashion shows and exhibitions at home and abroad. BRANDS Just Pret has been involved in various local and international events in-house and out-houses including:

  • Pakistan Fashion Week London in 2012
  • Exhibitions in Mumbai India and Manchester UK
  • Bridal Couture Week 2013
  • Fashion Ville Lahore in January 2013
  • Karachi Fashion Week in January 2013
  • Fashion Ville London, Feb 2013
  • Fashion Ville Mumbai, with Ruby Bhandari & Silk Threads in Feb 2013
  • Fashion Ville Karachi 2013
  • Fashion Ville Dubai 2013
  • Summer Fashion Ville 2013
  • Eid Fashion Ville 2013
  • September Fashion Ville 2013
  • Diwali Trunk Show 2013



BJP Franchise

Which doesn’t stop growing. Keeping up with that promise, BRANDS Just Pret recently announced the offering of franchising opportunities to zealous entrepreneurs who aspire to be a part of a booming multi designer fashion brand, run by a supportive professional trio, possessing unmatched expertise - the best part being that by collaborating with BRANDS Just Pret, potential franchisees will be inheriting an already-established system that works.


BRANDS Just Pret  have to their credit, the unique concept of conferring a production facility and stocking platform to fresh fashion school graduates and stay-at-home women, who own the talent and mettle to make it big in the world of fashion, but lack the resources. Through an only one of its kind Designer Recruitment Portals, BRANDS Just Pret screen and select the most promising designers looking for a reputable platform for showcasing their work.

BJP Designer Portal

To demonstrate a hardcore belief in fresh talent, BRANDS Just Pret tender extensive support to the new designers through equipping them with innovative business ideas, facilities for design and production and opportunities for local and regional displays. While such a feat has ensured encouragement and facilitation of new talent, it has also endowed the consumers with high quality products, priced reasonably under a new brand. BRANDS Just Pret believe that quality of a service is weighed not on what has been put in, but what a valued customer gets out of it. At BRANDS Just Pret, it is about greater value for one’s money.


BRANDS Just Pret aspires to follow a socially conscientious conduct. Taking inspiration from one of their designer Hira Omair’s fight with breast cancer in 2013, BRANDS Just Pret decided to contribute to the cause of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre by donating half of their October sales proceeds from all four of their outlets and the e-store. Through this endeavor, the brand also hopes to inspire other companies to do the same.

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