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What to wear – How to rule the Red Carpet like an A-lister

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What to wear to red carpets

When it's jam packed, Fashion shows, award shows, and blah, blah, blah, You don't have enough time to Think and Rethink about your dress for those 'Big Days'. Every star wants to be on the A-list. Every celebrity wants to rule the red carpet. That's a fact.  

So what to wear to rock the red carpet? Is the big thing, more precisely a Fashion Game that a few knows "how to play". Being a Fashionista and a Fashion Blogger, I always look out for every Red Carpet look to know, how celebs carried their dresses, what they wore and which was the best one. But of course, I may not be a Critic or a Stylist to point out the misses. The only thing is "Suggest", that I can do better being a fashionista and a blogger.  


By the way, the actual story is when you have celebs like Zahid Ahmed wearing the bow tie to a Red Carpet, Who else to stare then. Hehehe . . .

Zaid Ali Red Carpet Look

Coming to the point, here are a few suggestions Ladies to rule the red carpet every year.  


1: Ball Gowns are not necessary 

The first fact that every celebrity who wanted to be an A-lister must gulp down is, "Gowns are not necessary". It's not like if you don't wear a gown you are not an A-lister but there are many other options you can opt for like formal gowns or mermaid ones or sleek silk that are more pompous. I loved this look of Priyanka Chopra, how sophisticated she went for the Red Carpet.  

Red Carpet Look Priyanka Chopra

Recently at Lux Style awards celebrities wore sleek stunning gowns like Mahira Khan who choose to wear a black one. 

Red Carpet Gowns


2: Opt for a Suit or a Jumpsuit 

If not gowns than what? Do you ever saw a celeb wearing a Suit? Yes, I do many times. Recently Evan Rachel Wood wore suits to award shows. Her statement is "I wanted to make sure young girls and women know that dresses aren't a requirement". She said, "You don't have to wear one if you don't want to, and to just be yourself because your worth is more than that."  

Red Carpet Suit Look

Since jumpsuits become a bona fide wardrobe staple in last few years and were seen on the red carpets too, so it is also a good yet comfy choice.  


3: Why not a Desi-Look 

Aside western wear, another good yet intelligent choice is your desi look. You can rock a Desi look on the red carpet flawlessly to represent your country and the traditions. Play with your desi look, would be with a Sari or a salwar suit. Although the look shown below is not out heart favorite.  

Red Carpet Desi Look


4: Metallics and sparkles 

If there's nothing in mind, go for a hint of sparkle or something metallic. But remember not to overdo it. And remember, it's the hardest look to pull on as if not done properly you look none other than "Chameli". For doing it right you can wear a metallic top with some plain bottoms (like skirt or pants) or vice versa. But remember a head-to-toe metallic is a real game to play with. We googled a few looks and ended up loving Penelope Cruz in a gold metallic Atelier Versace gown. 

Red Carpet Metallic Look 


5: Exciting Shoes and accessories 

Another hint to rule the red carpet is the choice of accessories. A pair of exciting stilettos and a clutch is sometimes just enough to grab attention with your sleek and simple dress. So think wisely before choosing accessories. 

Red Carpet Shoes

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