Saman Javed

Saman Javed

Saman Javed was working as a Life and Style journalist at The Express Tribune and before that, she also worked for SHE Magazine.

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It’s that time again when we all sing in unity the anthem that kindles the fire of passion and loyalty within us. We are a wild cricket nation. It’s that one thing that certainly draws us together. From the uproar each time Boom Boom lifts the bat, to the circular arguments erupting over chai about who the best cricketer is – for us, cricket is not just a game, it is a deep rooted expression of culture.

SHoes worth the soul

Needless to say, buying shoes to match all the clothes in your closet is not exactly realistic and needlessly unworkable. The all you can do is - get a hold of these five pairs of shoes, which are sure to go well with anything you wear on any day. Shoo away (pun intended) the stuff that breaks your bank and opt for these absolute must-haves.

You can’t make your kids wear anything and everything and expect them to be okay with it. Children these days have a keenly-honed sense of fashion and want to be ahead of the game when it comes to trends.

Experimenting with your hair is the best way for you to instantly revamp your look. Figuring out the best hair style for yourself is one cumbersome task and building the courage to chop off your long luscious hair is even harder.

Yes, you got that right, this season is all about pink lips, pink lips and pink lips! Pucker up girls and get ready to look pretty in pink. All A-listers have been proudly flaunting their rosy pouts – what are you waiting for?  Brighten up with these totally on-trend lippies that have just landed for the season ahead.

Chic Palazzo Pants

They're big, they're bold and they're simply amazing. Yes, you got that right, we are talking about wide-leg pants. Skinny jeans have ruled the fashion roost for years now, but there's something incredibly fashionable about wide-leg pants.

Autumnly Spectre

Transitioning from late summer to early autumn is always fun. From new colors to new silhouettes, after a long summer, autumn trends come as a breath of fresh air and are utterly exciting.

Our hawk-eyed fashion analysts lure great design talent from around the world, especially when it comes to jewellery, what allows our favorites to stand out among other under-the-radar labels is their approach to metalwork that mixes utilitarian chic with great design aesthetics. Lady in Red takes a deeper look at the latest fashion muse.