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15 best habits to have in 2017

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To be the best this year you have to adapt 15 best habits. it's time to be more reflective, more positive and energetic. Here is my list I am going to follow in 2017. I hope you do too. . . 


1: Put a jug full of water on my bedside to drink on empty stomach in the morning.


2: Early to be early to rise, I will start my day with Fajar prayer to relax my mind & soul.


3: Take healthy breakfast to stay healthy and happy. 


4: While taking bath I will plan all the day routine.


5: Take my vitamins and calcium pills.


6: Drink at least a glass of milk a day to make my bones strong.


7: Plan ahead, what to write about on my blog the coming week.


8: Admit when wrong, take help when needed and be positive toward social issues. 


9: Due to physical condition, I don't do exercise but I will do a brisk walk daily.


10: I will share whatever I have in mind.


11: I will stay away from social drama, you know what I meant?


12: Try reading a book every month.


13: I will save some money and invest in good things.


14: This year I will try to break my fears.


15: I will try to inspire myself with new things and experiences. 


What's the big deal to live clean !

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