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Nescafe Basement and ‘Revival of Folk Music’

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Nescafe Basement 2016

The revival of folk music of 1940’s featuring Alam Lohar is captivating and is the foundation of fascination for many contemporary folk music fans. But not only are the fans the sole creditors. For the revival of folk music, the other credit goes to platforms like Coke Studio, Nescafe Basement and the singers who simply stuck to traditional folk music, popularizing and reviving it once again.


Looking into folk history:


If we looked back – at the history of folk music, the ‘grandfather of Punjabi folk music’ – Alam Lohar wooed the crowd, many a time by his popular folk song ‘Jugni’. Similar is the sensation for Attaullah Essa Khailvi’s popular song ‘Kameez Teri Kali’, ‘Layee Beqadran Naal Yaari’ by Tufail Niazi and Sariki folk songs by Pathanay Khan. But after 70’s the other forms of music rocked the floor, including club music, bhangra and pop and we missed the folk beats. In the meanwhile, Arif Lohar pick that beats the one we missed. And there’s time when Music Industry of Pakistan just seems collapsed.


Revival Of Folk Music:


The revival of folk music has started with the advancement of technology, music instruments, platforms, and new generation’s love for folk and Sufi music. Nescafe basement is one of its kind that highlight strong voices and revive those folk songs we missed so far, they hit back with its fourth season on air.


Nescafe Basement Revival of folk Music


This is yet a blissful experience listening to the amalgam of instruments and music genre. I recently heard the song “Kameez Teri Kali” by Mehak Ali that was a mesmerizing experience though.


My Verdict:

Although I am not a music expert but a reasonable fan!

A plus of the Nescafe Basement is that they played songs with behind-the-scenes documentaries which highlight the journey of unseen musical sensations. Through this platform a huge hidden talent is revealed which is truly promoting the music industry in Pakistan. And lastly Nescafe basement is unique as far as musical grooves are concerned but still lots of creative work needs to be done.


Hats Off to those platforms! They provided us the mesmerizing folk vocals once again.


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