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No Tyrant is greater than that of Fashion

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Fashion is tyrant

Fashion may be defined as your lifestyle, or decorating, etc., which are popular today, but which would soon lose their vogue. It is something momentary and fleeting, a mere craze that needs to be looked down upon with contempt. Fashion is a tyrant; no tyrant is greater than that of fashion. 

Masses try to imitate the latest fashion. Especially the youth are mad after it. They would not mind any of the outgo of fashion. They must have their clothes according to the latest vogue, their hair made up according to the latest style, even if this places a heavy burden on their budget. Many of them know that a particular fashion would soon fade away; even then they waste their money on it. Costly fashion articles are often abandoned, only because the fashion has gone by. 


Girls, especially educated ones, are the worst sinners in this respect. They are crazy after outfit of the latest trend, ornaments of the latest designs, and other beauty aids which many happen to be popular at a particular time. Often, the entire family has to suffer owing to their craze for fashion. Many family discords and quarrels may be traced to this tyrant. Such is the tyranny of fashion that the fashion-drunk do not even care for their personal convenience. Popular articles of dress are often worn even if they make bodily movement difficult and put the wearer to great hardship. 


Girls wear skinny clothes, as skinny as possible, even though the dress is totally inconvenient. They do not move about in comfort, or to attend to their household work, but still, those dresses are worn because these are the hottest trends. They do not even care for modesty and decency in their craze for fashion. Similar is the case with young men; they continue to wear legging pants, even though they confess that their dress is highly inconvenient for them.  


Fashion is a tyrant which exacts strict adherence to its orders from its slaves. 

Umais Kaleem

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