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Sara Aziz: A ‘painfully beautiful’ entrepreneur!

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Sara Aziz Painfully Beautiful

Sara Aziz, a passionate entrepreneur has publicized a lot of courage by bringing in something that can be called an entirely innovative concept in the world of jewelry designing. She shows a whopping concern over how women are required to adjust and modify their appearance on demands of the society for the opposite gender; which is the main reason behind naming her exhibition ‘Painfully Beautiful.’

The ingenious diva has given a tribute to hoary beauty concepts and norms in a sarcastic yet gripping way. The tools are created using digital printing and different materials such as silver, copper, and brass with a gold plated coating on most of the pieces. The exhibition contains some necklaces and look-enhancer items. The pieces are made with paramount care which indicates how skillful the maker is.


Sara interviewed some plastic surgeons who told her that 50% of their clients are young women who get the shape of their nose changed, keeping in mind their marriage prospects. So, she show-cased a fancy nose mould that gives the nose, a perfect shape. Similarly, Sara also worked intelligently on something that gives the human neck a lengthened look, called a neck elongator, since it is also considered to be a beauty indication.


Painfully Beautiful by Sara Aziz


The lip-pouter solves the problem of many out there. It pushes the cheeks inwards and lips outward, giving you a perfect pout. Another master piece, the face lifter, pulls out the eye brows, pushes in the cheeks, enhancing the cheek-bones which are considered highly beautiful. The same tool erases the crow feet and frown lines.


Sara claims;

If her tools are worn consistently for a period of time, they can transform the shape of certain facial features.

Sara Aziz, a unique entrepreneur who just stepped in the industry has done Bachelors in fine arts from Dundee University, Scotland and masters from Beaconhouse National University; she is currently teaching at BNU Lahore.


Her exhibition is being held from 8th to 22nd October 2015 at Rohtas 2 (Lahore) and we highly recommend you to visit and have a unique experience.


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