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Sunday at Mr. WINGGZ

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The city’s best indoor food spot with ample space and live kitchen

Last Sunday night, when I was doing nothing, I was eating at Mr. WINGGZ. Not only the calmness, neatness, and sound but the food is also a highlight at Mr. WINGGZ. We saw here and there in search of a new and better food spot and decided to try this one that we had never before.

I heard that Punjab food authority not only passed them in hygiene but also gave them the prize money. So it became a must to take a look at this indoor food spot. It was such a calm and cool place with good ambiance. And I recommend my readers to give it a try. In support of my suggestion here are three reasons….

1: Ambiance and Décor


The ambiance is calm and cool with the overall soothing feel and soothing music in the background. Décor is extraordinary and have an organized sitting area. I love those round sitting sofas and the doomed places on the top floor. My Kids loved the snow white themed corner.


2: Live Kitchen and Hygiene

Live kitchen inside is a plus that you can see from your table, what’s cooking and how? You can even look at your own food while cooking. So no need to worry about food hygiene. In addition, the sitting area, cutlery, and the whole food place are continually being cleaned after every table is getting empty.

Mr Winggz

3: The Food

The most important thing that matters is how the food taste? It was just awesome. I will show you at the end what we ordered and eaten at Mr. WINGGZ. Food was served hot straight from the live kitchen. We ordered the Royal crust pizza and their Arabic platter. It was delicious, fresh and hot plus super presentable. What else a foodie needs? Their royal crust pizza doesn’t sound only royal but it tastes and look royal too.


Royal Crust Pizza with white sauce

Mr Winggz

Arabic Platter (Fries, 6 Baked wings & 6 Spring Rolls)

This is my Happy Plate of Mr. Winggz.

Mr Winggz

I am satisfied, Do you? Please comment down below if you ever visited Mr. WINGGZ. Also, do share with us what you have eaten and how it tastes?

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