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The city’s best indoor food spot with ample space and live kitchen

Last Sunday night, when I was doing nothing, I was eating at Mr. WINGGZ. Not only the calmness, neatness, and sound but the food is also a highlight at Mr. WINGGZ. We saw here and there in search of a new and better food spot and decided to try this one that we had never before.

What to eat during Ramadan

This question is in my mind just because for the past few years Ramadan falls in the blazing heat of Summer that is totally unbearable and the fasting period is also longer than usual. So it is important to keep in mind what to eat during summer Ramadan as we get dehydrated and oily fried food adds more to the thirst.

Sariya's sip n bite

A few months before I experienced eating at "Sariya's Sip n Bite" located in a commercial area in Faisalabad, "Kohinoor City" which seems flooded all the time with foodies and shoppers. A crowded place that becomes the hottest place of the town, owning lots of retail shopping malls and food spots.  

Fashion is tyrant

Fashion may be defined as your lifestyle, or decorating, etc., which are popular today, but which would soon lose their vogue. It is something momentary and fleeting, a mere craze that needs to be looked down upon with contempt. Fashion is a tyrant; no tyrant is greater than that of fashion. 

Step and Dance by Faizan Khawajah

A TV hunk and a fashion diva set the dance floor on fire with their Step and Dance chemistry. Actor Faizan Khawaja and supermodel Sonia Nazir brought an awesome dance video together which crossed 20k views in few hours. Music made so well that the beats and the visual impacts give a shiver to the watchers.

To be the best this year you have to adapt 15 best habits. it's time to be more reflective, more positive and energetic. Here is my list I am going to follow in 2017. I hope you do too. . . 

To delight the palate of Epicures, foodpanda brings in a year-end treat themed "Best of 2016". The thing is ready-made khao, chutti manao, #DontCook ORDER NOW. Ok, foodies, the wait is over, I am going to disclose all the deals in the major cities and nationwide. 

I recently accompanied a friend to First Women Bank, Gulberg Branch, Lahore for a quick errand. It was my first visit to the Bank, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. We walked in and found FWBL is currently celebrating their customer week nationwide with the theme ‘Hum Haazir Hein’.

Potato city faisalabad

What's hot in the city foodies? When I am into food craving, I searched every inch of the place to find the best one, not only the food but the environment and options too. The one that not only soothes my taste buds but my pocket too. That's budget friendly and yummy.

Summer holiday destinations

Yeh! Hurrah! Kids summer holidays have started with fun and relaxation at home. Being a mom and a blogger, uff I have double duties. So along with my little champs, I am happy too. What's next, Yes of course, a break from work and happy hours with family.  

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