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Step and Dance by Faizan Khawajah

A TV hunk and a fashion diva set the dance floor on fire with their Step and Dance chemistry. Actor Faizan Khawaja and supermodel Sonia Nazir brought an awesome dance video together which crossed 20k views in few hours. Music made so well that the beats and the visual impacts give a shiver to the watchers.

Pakistani Blogs to follow in 2017

Fashion, lifestyle, food, tech & travel

Best places to dine out in Islamabad

Yum Yum, ah! It's Delicious. Yes! you want to dine out at some best places in town.  Surely being a food lover we always remain in search of best ones. Here is a guide to 3 top places in Islamabad to Dine out.

Bright Living Room

For a quick spark to your monochrome or light toned living room, all you have to do is to add pops of color. In normal lifestyle, people usually seem intimidated to add bright colors. But it’s not that big deal. An area well decorated having fresh and bright, balanced look can enliven your mood. So, it’s necessary, for a change from boring to breathtaking!

Newyear wellness resolution

Why not a “NEW YOU”? There are many ways to work on this idea. For this, you have to change your hair cut or hair color; adopt a completely different outfit style, and even a complete make-over. But before going into any of these, remember staying healthy is the first key to “NEW YOU”. This might be your new-year wellness resolution.

Khaayal Festival 2015

The Second Khayaal Festival is ended with all its glare and artistic fun at Alhamra Arts Council Lahore. The creative team behind Khayaal Fest once again succeeded in promoting politics, culture, economy, art, dance, music, literature, empowerment, identity and sociopolitical issues through a series of conversational sessions, performances and documentaries.

supercilious chief

Fed up by the officious attitude of your superior? Hopefully we have a solution for you. Take a print-out of this article and anonymously slide between the piles of sheets in your boss’s file. We totally understand that being part of a society that encourages competition, showing modesty is an attribute that undoubtedly deserves extra praise.

Sara Aziz Painfully Beautiful

Sara Aziz, a passionate entrepreneur has publicized a lot of courage by bringing in something that can be called an entirely innovative concept in the world of jewelry designing. She shows a whopping concern over how women are required to adjust and modify their appearance on demands of the society for the opposite gender; which is the main reason behind naming her exhibition ‘Painfully Beautiful.’

Worth Watchable movies 2015

Earlier, when we used to hear the word ‘Lollywood’, it gave us a sudden drop in our moods; however, thankfully the trend has starting to change dramatically. We stretch the appreciations to the new generation of directors, producers and actors.

Inspirational instagram accounts

Is it possible that for your daily dose of inspiration, you look no further than the palm of your hand? Inspiration just a click away. . . Yes, definitely it is. It’s ‘Instagram’.

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