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What to eat during the month of Ramadan 

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What to eat during Ramadan

This question is in my mind just because for the past few years Ramadan falls in the blazing heat of Summer that is totally unbearable and the fasting period is also longer than usual. So it is important to keep in mind what to eat during summer Ramadan as we get dehydrated and oily fried food adds more to the thirst.

We have to prepare ourselves and have to know what to eat during non-fasting hours to stay nutritious, energetic and hydrated. We have to avoid the unhealthy food temptations that come with this month. One more thing I have learnt from googling is "Fasting is also good for health and auto-immune diseases as fasting helps in cell regeneration". Don't know much about this fact, but definitely will investigate more.


What to eat during Ramadan

Sehri food should be wholesome to provide enough energy for the whole day till Iftar. So you have to take eggs, milk products and cereals daily in order to stay healthy and energetic all day long.  Bakery items like cakes, breads and pastries are easily available plus no need to do extra cooking effort. But in fact these are not healthy option for fasting. Secondly avoid salty food as these add more to your thirst 



What to eat during Ramadan

For and the most important is "Say no to junk, processed and fried food". I know these types of foods are tempting and everyone wants to taste it while breaking the fast. But these are at the bottom of my food list as these are the most unhealthiest items.

Secondly, always break your fast with dates as these are rich in potassium and gives you a more instant energy boost. Drink lots of juices, especially fresh fruit juices (we have the best options in summer like falsa, apricot, mango, melon, watermelon. Etc), plenty of fresh water, but remember to drink in sessions as sudden intake of fluid can harm many.

Third and the last is to add more fresh fruits, vegetable and carbs to your iftar. The best options would be fruit chats, chana chaata, potato dishes, some bean salads and steam or grill meat. You can also add brown bread paninni to your iftar. 

I hope every of my reader who is fasting in the blessed month of ramadan can take your ramadan food inspiration from this post and have a blessed happy and healthy time with their friends and families.  

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