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Songs of Lahore

Undoubtedly many among us heard the name Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, an Oscar winning filmmaker. She once again showed the patriotic spirit in her and the love towards her country land. Songs of Lahore, unquestionably a documentary, directed by Sharmeen, focuses on our culture and our music roots.

Marina Home

Marina Home Interiors is a Dubai based premium home furnishings company and operates its stores across the Arabian Gulf region, Egypt and the Indian subcontinent. This critically acclaimed home décor brand bring their exceptional designs to Pakistan. They debuted with a store launch in Lahore on 4rth of March.

Friends of Shaukat Khanum

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital is playing a vital role in treating that chronic disease, cancer in Pakistan. The Friends of Shaukat Khanum in collaboration with Pakistan’s leading fashion and entertainment fraternity are back once again with the annual Festival of Life.

Indian Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles and they ensure their cars match their status and class. These expensive brands can be seen on Red Carpets and movie Premiers.

It’s that time again when we all sing in unity the anthem that kindles the fire of passion and loyalty within us. We are a wild cricket nation. It’s that one thing that certainly draws us together. From the uproar each time Boom Boom lifts the bat, to the circular arguments erupting over chai about who the best cricketer is – for us, cricket is not just a game, it is a deep rooted expression of culture.

If notlive@internet or staying ignorant from that digital global world called "social media", then it is supposed to be insanity and total madness. Why so? Why we think like that? Just because we are under strong social media spell, same like snow white was under the magic spell of that wicked queen.

Pakistan Youth Change Advocates in association with Citizen Awareness Program (CAP) launched an innovative initiative aimed at promoting pro-civic responsibility, peace and tolerance in the society.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Pakistan is increasingly becoming difficult for the young ones as the rightists and fundamentalists keep on popping up with their hate-mongered and venomous narrative that only sees the western influx into our society as an anti-Islamic propaganda.

After mesmerizing Pakistan along with 50+ other countries with her performance as Hürrem Sultan in popular Turkish TV series Mera Sultan [Muhteşem Yüzyıl in Turkish], German-Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli is the cover face of Ink magazine for their annual issue which launches in the market on 18th December, 2014. Clad in a hot pink dress, the starlet looks refreshingly different from how we are used to seeing her on-screen. Ink is the very first Pakistani publication Meryem has given an exclusive interview to.

What are you doing for your true love on St Valentine’s Day this year? A romantic candlelit meal? A lovely bunch of flowers delivered to their place of work? Taking them out for a movie? Valentine's Day is just round the corner and everyone is busy making plans to make the day special for their loved ones.

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