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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Pakistan is increasingly becoming difficult for the young ones as the rightists and fundamentalists keep on popping up with their hate-mongered and venomous narrative that only sees the western influx into our society as an anti-Islamic propaganda.

After mesmerizing Pakistan along with 50+ other countries with her performance as Hürrem Sultan in popular Turkish TV series Mera Sultan [Muhteşem Yüzyıl in Turkish], German-Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli is the cover face of Ink magazine for their annual issue which launches in the market on 18th December, 2014. Clad in a hot pink dress, the starlet looks refreshingly different from how we are used to seeing her on-screen. Ink is the very first Pakistani publication Meryem has given an exclusive interview to.

What are you doing for your true love on St Valentine’s Day this year? A romantic candlelit meal? A lovely bunch of flowers delivered to their place of work? Taking them out for a movie? Valentine's Day is just round the corner and everyone is busy making plans to make the day special for their loved ones.

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