Style File Mahira Khan

Pakistani Diva, TV actress and VJ Mahira Khan is undoubtedly the most gorgeous female in Pakistan fashion and entertainment industry.  I am a big admirer of her acting as well as of her fashion sense. Whatever she wore, she knows how to flaunt. 

Style File Hadiqa Kiyani

Hadiqa Kiani, a singer, songwriter and philanthropist, not only speaks for her voice but for her style as well. Along with her distinct voice she got a distinct style too, that’s chic and fashionistic. She holds a unique fashion philosophy, wearing trendy outfits, no matter eastern or western. The Rock Star carries each and every piece fabulously.

She wore a red Sana Safinaz Gown. 

 Shezeen Ali and Zarmeen Ali wearing Nida Azwer

For all the lovers of the Jori of Big B. and Rekha, there's a good new out there. Both the actors are re-uniting once again in a film "Welcome back". Its a dam good news to watch both those past lovers on screen in such a old age. How they looked like, their chemistry works or not, we will watch the movie to answer all these.

I read yesterday that Pakistani actress Meera is going to be featured in a Pushto film "Worbal". What to say on it, as far as i know or heard about pushto films, these are sub standard ones. But hopefully Meera has no standard at all. Her English already adopts a sub-standard style with wrong tenses an accent.

Kareena Kapoor in Dubai

Kareena and Ajay Devgan duo blast silver screen ever and ever and again in their latest project "Satyagraha", they definitely proved to be a boom boom bombastic jori. The stunning Kareena Kapoor, i am dam obsessed with her beauty and her fashion looks. She ever and ever appear in public gracefully and elegantly. This time kareena was spotted in Dubai with Ajay Devgan promoting her film "satyagraha".