Nida Mokhtar

Nida Mokhtar

I am crazy about getting every fashion update, information and news first and I don’t mind sharing it with people. I am passionate about style, fashion and of course writing.

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Launch of OK Magazine

As the horizons of fashion industry begins to broaden, the search of people to seek style guide, fashion directories and inspirational work also increases. This increasing urge of fashion enthusiasts to know, seek and see more and more stuff of the fashion world has created boundless opportunities and this opportunity is perfectly exploited by Juicy Publications as it launched one of the renowned and esteemed celebrity magazines – OK! in Pakistan.

Bebek Turkey in Pakistan

Over the past few years, Pakistan’s fashion world has welcomed international brands with open arms and received much praise and appreciation from fashion fiestas. International brands like Debenhams, Mango, Cleo, Accessorize etc. revolutionized local wardrobes and added the pinch of western yet chic styles.