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5 Fashion Fads we would regret

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Fashion Fads Regret

Anyone with just a little bit of interest in fashion can understand that these fashion trends come and go in moments. The fashion fads or whatever the trends, they repeat themselves year after year with little interpretation and a hint of modernity. Whether you say it a sartorial taste, human nature or homage to classics, they continue to regrow under your feet. Or sarcastically, they are the ghostly shadows – they do not leave you alone ever and ever.

We follow fashion trends, sometimes by choice according to our taste and most of the times, Blindly. We wear ugg boots (EEE – yuk, it's ok – it is in trend), We cut bangs in summer (heat melts me down, oh those creepy hairs on my forehead – no worries bangs are trendy), opt for Legging jeans (oh my legs can't breathe, shit – but no no it is in trend), Blah Blah !  


I feel breathless, (eek!) So we've decided to tell you what other fashion fads we would regret lately.  


1: Oversized bell sleeves 

Fashion fad regrets

Say these are airy - perfect in Summer, you are slaying these oversized bell sleeves – make a statement. But we say 'No'. These are super uncomfortable, uneasy to manage (slaying is a far way). Mostly designers incorporate those sleeves in casual wear. You know when you wear those casual dresses. If not a housewife, cooking something in the kitchen, then might be dining with your family and then Blah! You dipped your sleeves in your plate. Total Regret!  


2: Acid washed Jeans  

Fashion fad regrets

When it is about fashion and styling, anything or everything in mind was pretty good, beautiful, ravishing, gorgeous, handsome, sightly, stunning, cute, there's a long list for expressing. Do any of these words comply with acid-washed denim? These looked liked the ugliest fashion fads ever. I never wore these and will never in future. These are just the horrible nightmares.  


3: Mullet Hairs 

Fashion fad regrets

Short from the front and long at back, no we are not talking about your dress, we are discussing the mullet hair trend. These short long hair combinations do not look smarter in any way on any face type except a look resembling a lost planet's lost creature.


4: Over-oversized Sunnies 

Fashion fad regrets

Oh, my! My cat wore similar ones, is my statement. (hahaha-silence) I love goggles, I love sunnies quite big but not that oversized where we are blank, to google our own face. Mostly fashion-forward people tend to be uppity snobs, who follow fashion with an ownership. With big aviators on, are they going to fly a jet plane, or going to weld their broken stilettos. Over-oversized sunnies are nothing more than a creepy shit.  


5: Harem pants 

Fashion fad regrets

Who came up with this not-so-brilliant idea? What does the Harem pant accentuate? Are you hiding your big diapers? Please! Ladies and gentlemen leave them as these are only meant for Aladdin, only he knows how to slay in a yellow harem pant. I never ever saw a single person (not even a celebrity) who rocked these balloony, saggy bottoms.   


So that's all! With all the grief and tears for those fashion fads, I've done my work. Now it is your turn to say Bye Bye to them.  

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