Short hairs summer 2017

Go short with your hair, almost shoulder cuts or pixie ones, that’s the way we love our hair in the hot scorching heat of summer. Another reason is, super short hair, pixie cuts, wavy bobs, chopped bobs or A-line bobs everything is on trend for summer 2017.

Fashion Fads Regret

Anyone with just a little bit of interest in fashion can understand that these fashion trends come and go in moments. The fashion fads or whatever the trends, they repeat themselves year after year with little interpretation and a hint of modernity. Whether you say it a sartorial taste, human nature or homage to classics, they continue to regrow under your feet. Or sarcastically, they are the ghostly shadows – they do not leave you alone ever and ever.

Florals head to toe

"I'm gonna wear florals head to toe", is this innovative?  

Every other person who once watched "The devil wears Prada", would literally fall in love with florals.  That one shady line by Meryl Streep inspired me most. 

"Florals? for spring? The groundbreaking"

If you haven't watched it yet, oh! no problem, go watch it dearly.  

Chic Palazzo Pants

They're big, they're bold and they're simply amazing. Yes, you got that right, we are talking about wide-leg pants. Skinny jeans have ruled the fashion roost for years now, but there's something incredibly fashionable about wide-leg pants.

Autumnly Spectre

Transitioning from late summer to early autumn is always fun. From new colors to new silhouettes, after a long summer, autumn trends come as a breath of fresh air and are utterly exciting.