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Sunday, 26 March 2017 05:56

Trend Report: Head to Toe Florals

Written by  Nadia Najam

Florals head to toe

"I'm gonna wear florals head to toe", is this innovative?  

Every other person who once watched "The devil wears Prada", would literally fall in love with florals.  That one shady line by Meryl Streep inspired me most. 

"Florals? for spring? The groundbreaking"

If you haven't watched it yet, oh! no problem, go watch it dearly.  

Ok, let's talk about florals. I am among those who never ever get tired of flowers in spring/summer season, I never felt matronly. I always wanted some experimentation with floral textures and prints. Floral tops, or floral bottoms or even florals head to toe (shoes included). You can even mix n match your florals.

There are many options;

  1. A head to toe maxi top
  2. A floral top paired with a floral bottom
  3. A floral kurta, with some floral sandals

The key is "Anything is everything"

Here is my favorite one from generation latest summer collection 2017 . . .

Florals by generation

Wearing anything head-to-toe sounds a bit scary but experimentation is a must for a fashionista. If you try to accessorize head-to-toe floral look, you will definitely end up in a more clownish look. Remember to keep those things in mind while wearing florals. So opt for florals this summer, as we are already watching bouquets on everything from outfits to shoes, on handbags, scarfs, etc. Go opt for some unabashed femininity this summer. And lastly, we will round up some of the best floral outfits you can buy to be trendy. 


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